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Portrait & Fine Art Photography


About me

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Chief Photographer

My name is Alejandro Zequeira and thank you for visiting our site.  Story telling is something that I am very passionate about and something I have thoroughly enjoyed doing since my days as a journalist.  


I studied broadcast journalism at the University of Miami and went on to work in broadcast and digital news for 7 years.  I worked as a writer, producer, photojournalist, and news reporter for several different news outlets both locally and out of state.  Through it all, I always found the impact of an image very profound, whether it was conveyed in video or through still photography. Both of which have always been powerful mediums to tell any story.


While my career in journalism came to an end, in 2011 I was presented with an opportunity to use photography to help others tell their stories.  The moment came when I photographed a little girl and her family just for fun, and was subsequently asked by her parents if the could hire me to photograph her birthday party.  They never called me to photograph that party, but the inspiration took off and it was then that I decided to take my love for photography to the next level.


Since then, I have dedicated myself to using photos to tell my client’s stories in a very photojournalistic style.  I love capturing candid moments and providing others with memories they can treasure forever. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we add to that by saying “we’ve got you covered from A to Z.” Again thank you for visiting our site, and we hope to capture your story real soon.



"Capturing every moment from A to Z and telling your story the way you want it told"

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